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Niamh Breslin

Assistant Quantity Surveyor
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1st year student studying towards BSc Quantity Surveying


Niamh has recently commenced her career in the construction and engineering industry and has elected a career in commercial services. She is at an advance stage of completing her first year working as an assistant Quantity Surveyor on an Iconic hospitality /residential project based in Dubai.

Niamh is adapting to her new environment extremely well and has shown a keen interest in the evolution process of a construction site, as well as day to day operations that are involved. She is working alongside a very experienced team of commercial managers, who guide and nurture her ability to ensure that she is on a structured path of development.

Niamh is in her first year of a distance learning programme provided by the University College of Estate Management (UCEM), wherein she will obtain a BSc in Quantity Surveying at the end of the course.

We wish Niamh all the best with her studying and natural progression within the industry.

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